Foundations: The Impossible Will of God

Posted on December 1, 2019

In Genesis 17, God brings news to Abraham that Sarah would have a child in her old age. Sarahs response was, "I am too old and worn out." God works most powerfully in situations that seem...

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Foundations: Cycle of Disobedience

Posted on November 24, 2019

Genesis 16 records Abrams failure and disobedience. We are reminded that Abram was a man just like us and God still used him. God can use anybody for His purposes.

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Foundations: Fulfilling His Promises

Posted on November 17, 2019

In Genesis 15, Abram is having difficulty trusting that God would fulfill His promises. It is easy to lose faith in Gods promises when our situations seem uncertain. Today, we hear that we can...

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Foundations: Losing Sight

Posted on November 10, 2019

One of our deacons, Dave King, speaks from Genesis 12:10-20 about how Abraham got himself into trouble because He took his eyes off of God.

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Foundations: The Call of Abraham

Posted on November 3, 2019

Sometimes God calls His people to do some scary things. Genesis 12 records the Lords call to Abraham at age 75 to leave everything he knew and go to an unknown land. There is no limit to the age...

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